John Dennin

John Dennin

Joining the PirTano Team in 2004 John has proven to be invaluable leader in the field. He came to us with extensive construction experience that he has shared with countless people over the 15 years he has been with PirTano.  His insight and experience play a huge role in the success of the hundreds of projects John has overseen.  No matter the size, location, or schedule of the project John handles them like the professional he is.

John is a multi-task person  in order to ensure the smooth operation of his projects.  Whether it is keeping the materials deliveries flowing or picking the right personnel/equipment to deploy to the jobsite,  no detail is overlooked.  And on the backside John ensures the projects are organized by managing time, material and labor in real time. The pace at PirTano is hectic, no question about that! Yet John continually manages multiple projects at the same time, keeping all that matters straight and on task.

John’s vast experience has not gone unnoticed by our clients, his customer service skills are top notch.  He is an excellent communicator, especially with the client representatives and municipal inspectors who are regularly on the jobsites.

John has taken the lead on jobs of all sizes and all with their own set of challenges.  He can handle everything from a time sensitive residential subdivision to an IDOT or ISTHA site requiring huge amounts of coordination between multiple trades in on a highway that is still running active traffic patterns. Throw any challenge at John and he will find a way to make the job run smoothly.