Cambridge Lakes North


Heavy Construction Division


In Progress


Pingree Grove, IL

The Challenge: Was for our PirTano Crew to install 39 sections of 12’ wide by 7’ high Precast Box Culvert pieces, each weighing 40,000 lbs. Each piece was set by a 550 Ton Mobile Crane with boom height of 180 feet. The length of this mast arm was dictated by access and the distance each piece had to travel. Each section was lifted off the Flatbed of a tractor trailer truck and swung 120 away from where it had to be placed. These pieces will form a bridge to channel the existing creek under the proposed road, prior to building Providence Road in DR Horton’s Cambridge Lakes North Subdivision. One of the other challenges in completing this project was the channeling/diverting the existing creek until this concrete bridge was completed. Timing the work, to avoid a heavy rainfall was a critical decision as part of planning of this project. When you set up a project like this and each milestone is accomplished, on time without a hitch... it requires a whole lot of skill, experience, and a little bit of luck ..... that the weather cooperates with your plans!