Ed Duda

Ed Duda
Senior Project Manager, Communications

Ed is the primary person who oversees the Comcast relationship in relation to construction, oversees major fiber optic upgrades for companies such as Comcast and AT&T, and is in charge of oversight on multi-million-dollar fiber optic builds involving in-house crews and multiple subcontractors.

Ed is a 34-year veteran of the company; a leader with experience and construction know-how. He started with PirTano Construction in April of 1985 as a Residential Installer. By 1987 he moved up to coax splicer where over a 5-year period he honed his knowledge, skills, and abilities.

From 1991 to 1993 Ed was promoted to Purchasing Agent, responsible for procurement and material tracking for the varied, active PirTano Construction contracts.

From 1993 to present, Ed was first promoted to Project Manager and then Senior Project manager with oversight of 11 Project Managers. Ed’s duties include oversight, quality assurance, budget administration, and project tracking; however, Ed’s primary focus is maintaining customer contact every step of the way, and to apply whatever resources are needed to assure the projects are done to specification and on time.

Ed is heavily involved in the projects from the design stage all the way through project closeout, working closely with engineers, field techs, government and municipal officials and our customers. His involvement in all stages of the project allows Ed to problem solve on the go and make sure the projects stay on track with seamless communication at all levels.